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U.S. made piano tuning tools and kits from Schaff Piano - lowest prices.

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Piano Tuning eBooks:
- Immediate downloads -
Learn piano tuning Piano tuning eBooksand repair with my illustrated eBooks, only $15.95. Easy methods to keep your piano in tune and correct regulation.

Tuning Books with tools:
- Spiral bound booklets -

You Can Tune Your Own PianoPiano Tuning tools and book
My illustrated piano tuning booklet will save you time and money. Easy directions. Includes 8 piece tool set. Read More

Piano Tuning & Repair For Profit. Learn to tune and repair pianos and start your own business. Complete course in piano tuning A 26 piece Schaff piano tuning kit, and email and phone support. Only $379.95 complete. Read More

Piano repair book and tool kitRepair Your Own Piano
Got a sticking key or a wobbling hammer ruining your piano practice? Fix it yourself illustrated booklet. Comes with a basic set of repair and regulation tools.  Read More

Popular Piano tuning kits and parts:
Select links to purchase or see details.

Economy tuning kitEconomy tuning kit. Touch-up piano tuning kit. Maintain keyboard harmony between regular professional tunings. Wooden handle lever with standard No. 2 tip and 6 string mutes. $48.95
Complete piano tuning kit only $81.50Complete piano tuning kit. Piano tuning tools for the hobbyist. Includes everything needed to tune any acoustic piano. Quality tools in an affordable kit for piano owners.
Semi-pro tuning kit, $127.00Semi-pro tuning kit. Versatile tuning kit at a great price. 2 steel tuning forks (A440, C523.3), Craftsman tuning lever with tip wrench, and 9 string mutes. Other tips available.

PRO tuning kitPRO piano tuning kit. Schaff nylon handle lever with two piece head/tip, aluminum tuning fork in A440 or C523.3, tip wrench, and extra long grand piano tuning head.

Ultimate piano tuning tool kitUltimate piano tuning kit. Same as the Pro kit, except with aluminum tuning fork and 3 different tuning tips. The best, most versatile tuning kit on the market.

Pro tuning and regulating kitComplete tuning, repair/regulation kit. A 26 piece Schaff piano tuning, repair and regulation tool kit for the amateur or professional. Contains the most common repair and regulation tools. With canvas roll for the regulating tools.

Aluminum tuning fork and mutesTuning Fork And String Mute Kit. Exceptional quality aluminum tuning fork gives a louder, more sustained tone than steel forks. Available in A440 or C523.3 (C above mid-C). With full set of string mutes.

Regulation toolsPiano Regulation Kit. Eight high quality essential piano regulating tools: universal tool handle, roll-up canvas pouch, regulating screwdriver, damper regulator, spoon bender, offset key regulator, etc. From Schaff Piano.

Beautify your keyboard with molded keytop replacementsRecover Keytops. Get rid of old chipped and yellowed keys with these German made molded white plastic tops. Pre-cut and available with or without the front piece. Give your piano a new look. Keytop replacement instructions.
Replacement plastic key top kitComplete key top replacement kit. Replace your old white key tops with this complete kit with high quality Vagias simulated ivory tops and fronts, key top clamps, PVC glue and brushes, and Key Brite polish. Every thing you need for a sparkling new keyboard look. Shipping paid in the U.S.
Replacement music deskReplacement Music desks. Replace your broken or missing music desks with these high quality veneered and unfinished desks. Available for vertical or grand pianos. Open lyre type for verticals and solid faced for grands. Shipping paid in the U.S.

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