26 tuning, regulating and repair speciality tools

The tools supplied with this course are top quality professional grade tools from Schaff Piano Supply. (Exact composition of tool kit may vary slightly, depending on availability, but will always be of the same value and include all tools necessary for the course work).

These are the finest tools obtainable and will last for many years if properly cared for. The course tuning and repair kit is comprised of 26 tools (and two bound booklets plus a supplemental CD and DVD containing audio/visual charts and videos):

  • Wood handle tuning lever with removable No. 2 star head/tip
  • Extra long No. 2 star head/tip
  • 4 rubber string mutes with wire handles
  • 5 rubber wedge string mutes
  • 4 key bushing clamps
  • 50 inch wool "Temperament" muting strip
  • Professional C-523.3cps tuning fork
  • Key Dip Block
  • Combination tool handle
  • Action flange screwdriver
  • Grand drop screw regulator
  • Key spacer and capstan regulator
  • Backcheck regulator
  • Damper regulator
  • Regulating screwdriver
  • Roll up regulating tool case
  • ALSO INCLUDED: Computer CD and DVD (with videos, photo illustrated repair articles and tuning charts with sound files) plus a book by Wm. Blees on the skills needed to start and maintain a piano tuning business, published by the Randy Potter School.

    PLEASE NOTE: These tools have been selected to form the core of a professional piano technician's tool kit when supplemented with a few common tools you probably already own, or can cheaply acquire at any hardware store; i.e., a Standard slot and a Philips head screwdriver (small and medium), small needle nosed pliers, small wire cutters, a small tack hammer and a flashlight. A list and contact information of the best wholesale suppliers in the US and Canada is also provided in the business lesson of Volume Two.

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