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I've been working as an independent professional piano tuner in the Greater Kansas City area since 1980 (see my tuning page for info), but increasingly spend my time with this site. I started the PeteSummers.Com web site back in the computer Stone Age (1998) and have been on the Internet ever since, selling high quality Schaff Piano Company American made piano tuning tools, parts and accessories, along with my own piano tuning course and a couple of other tuning and repair booklets I've written. I'm boss and lackey here and my web site is my own, BUT:

I back everything I sell with a money back guarantee and pride myself on quick and complete customer service. Your complete satisfaction with all items I sell on this website is my goal.

You can leave your comments and questions on the Contact Me page, or just email me or call me anytime at 816 214-5356 -- if I'm not in, leave a number. I DO return calls (and emails). For more information about my tuning experience, visit my Biograpy page.

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