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Pedal extender Kid's pedal extender. Permits children to operate pedals from a natural sitting position. Adjusts to any height, very easy to attach. Does not interfere with the use of master pedals. Nickel plated. $65.00 per pair, including shipping in U.S.

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Keyboard lockPiano keyboard lock. Need to keep kids or others from pounding on your piano keyboard? The Jaras keyboard clamp is made of hardened steel with a rubber sleeve to protect the piano's finish. Easily attached over the fallboard with two screws under the keybed. Fits most any upright or grand piano. Ideal for churches, schools or families with small children. Includes two keys and wooden shim (for smaller pianos). $60.00 including shipping in U.S.

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Piano mute attachmentPiano mute attachment from Schaff Piano. This drops a felt bar between the strings and action, softening the sound to a whisper. As found on most new Asian vertical pianos. Great for young students. Fits any vertical piano and can be turned on or off as you choose. Comes with installation instructions. $120.00 including shipping in U.S.

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