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Peter Summers
4020 Mill St. No. 506.
Kansas City, MO. 64111
Phone: 816 214-5356)

(cell: 913 940-9211)
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If you need a tool kit or part not on my Shopping Cart, OR, if you have any questions or comments about this website or any product, email me and let me know. I do reply to emails. If I don't answer the phone, please leave a message and I'll return your call (don't forget to leave your phone number and reason you're calling). Your complete satisfaction is my goal - I'll make every effort to expedite a resolution to any issue.
Comments or Questions? I will reply as best the cable company lets me and I DO wanna hear from you. You can email me using the link in the left column.

"Hi. My name is Pete and I'm an Internet Phone user!"
"Hi Pete."

I mention this only because on occasions, such as during severe thunderstorms,
blizzards and calls from the IRS - but usually for no apparent reason at all - the phone service will go hide deep in cyberspace.
Please DON'T think I've taken the Big Swoon just yet if it does -- try again in a bit and the service will probably come back. Pfui, as Nero Wolfe would say.

Attention email spammers: Thank you for your service. Be assured I will promptly email my bank account number, Social Security information, complete birth records and inseam measurements to any ex-diplomats from anywhere in the world who wants them. But, you must promise to "like" me on Facebook and really, really mean it.

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