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For no good reason I've sequenced some old-time fiddle tunes for the piano, using the modern geek technical miracle called "midi" (whatever the devil that is). Click a link below to hear how I've wasted my time (how much I'm wasting your time depends a lot on the quality of your sound card). Right click if you want to save them.

Barlow Knife
I had one of those as a kid.
Bile Them Cabbage Down
Just how (and why) do you "bile" them cabbage anyway? Whatever. Orange blossoms make 'em better.
Cotton Eyed Joe
Whoops. This ain't Cotten Eyed. It's Cotton States Rag. Got them cottons confused. Very nice, though.
8th Of January
Or the Battle of New Orleans as Johnny Horton called it.
Lee Highway Blues
A very "trilling" piece, I think.
Little Rabbit
Where is dat darn Wrabbit!
Flop Eared Mule
Also called Monkey In The Barbershop, but not to my barber's face.
Cripple Creek
"Goan to Cripple Creek, goan in a run, goan to Cripple Creek to have a little fun." Buck Owens, eat your heart out
Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine
On his way to meet Wellington.
Bonaparte's Retreat
Things didn't work out so well with the Wellington deal.
Booth Shot Lincoln
Now where but in America would we make that event into a barn dance?
Cabri Waltz
Your grandma may have tripped this light fantastic her own self.

Had enough? Well, I should certainly think so. I know I have.

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