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Peter Summers
501 Plaza Acres Ct.
Belton, MO.

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(  )   TUNER'S VERTICAL REPAIR PARTS KIT. A selection of 6 or more of the most common vertical piano repair parts.....$63.50.

(  )  UNIVERSAL BASS STRING REPLACEMENT KIT. 19 single wound replacement bass strings.....$165.50.

(  )  MUSIC WIRE ASSORTMENT KIT. Twelve 1/3lb coils of Roslau piano wire.....$140.00

(  )  MOLDED WHITE PLASTIC KEYTOPS. Specify white or off-white. Without fronts.....With fronts.....$50.00.

(  )  BLACK PLASTIC SHARPS. Set of 36. Specify 3-3/4 or 3-1/2.....gloss..... dull.....$54.00

(  )  GENUINE EBONY SHARPS. Set of 36. For grand pianos.....$165.00

(  )  CLIP-ON BRIDLE STRAPS. Set of 90, with tool.....$40.00.

Postage paid in U.S. Only. Canadian orders add: $ 7.00  Overseas shipping only, add: $ 15.00

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