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Searching for something different for piano?
Indian Intermezzos And Two-Steps

Available in U.S. and Canada Only.

Indian Intermezzo Sheet Music Book Bring back that old time syncopation to your piano playing with these authentic original piano solos from the Golden Age of American Piano Music (1900 to 1920). TWENTY complete scores -- not digital copies, but full size reprints from the original folios, spiral bound in a sturdy performer's edition. Includes computer CD of all the tunes in piano midi form -- you'll hear the piece exactly as the composer wrote it. An invaluable learning tool.

A sub-genre of Ragtime, Native American themed Intermezzos and Two-Steps were hugely popular during the Ragtime Era. Their dramatic "tom-tom" rhythms and whimsical melodies have influenced the soundtracks of many western movies and TV shows, and still conjure up images of the American West, a time of buffalo hunters and sun dances and warriors bold. This unique collection contains the best of the genre, including the complete scores to Red Wing, (links open media player) Hiawatha, Rainbow, Singing Bird, Navajo and 15 written by some of the top composers of the Ragtime Era, including Percy Wenrich, Charles L. Johnson, Egbert Van Alstyne, Neil Moret, and many others.

Complete list of Intermezzos

ORDER NOW! Own the complete scores to these charming piano solos, PLUS computer CD with midi piano versions of each piece, for the low price of only $25.95 (including shipping in U.S.)

A unique addition to any pianist's collection, and it makes a great gift! Purchase your copy online now with any major credit card thru PayPal's secure server by using the button below. To order by mail, use the "Print Order Form" button in the margin, or send your check or Money Order and shipping address to: Peter Summers, 4020 Mill St. No. 506, Kansas City, MO. 64111.

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