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Piano Tuners Earn Income AND Independence

And so can you with PIANO TUNING AND REPAIR FOR PROFIT, my 8 lesson illustrated course in piano tuning and repair. Learn how to build your own business as an independent piano technician, from your own home, at your own pace, using any acoustic piano you have available. AND, the course comes with a complete piano tuning, repair and regulation tool kit. Everything you need to get started for only $428.00 dollars!
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Experience is not required.
Anyone with normal hearing and a desire to learn can master piano tuning. Age, sex or level of education are not important. Piano tuning is a mechanical skill, NOT a musical one.

Compare these features to any other piano tuning course:
  • Eight easy to follow lessons.
  • Step-by-step tuning charts.
  • Multiple tuning exercises
  • Three lessons on regulation/ repair
  • Instructions on building a business.
  • Clear spiral bound lesson books.
  • Quality 26 piece tool kit.
  • My support by phone or email, .
  • USB Flash Drive with sound files and photo rich repair articles.
  • Animated tuning charts and Demonstration videos of the tuning exercises on USB Flash Drive.
  • Tips on advertising.
  • How to find wholesale suppliers.
  • Free shipping in U.S.
  • Money back guarantee.

Now, compare the price: $428.00 vs. hundreds of dollars more! If you've done much internet research on piano tuning courses, you know others are charging $800, $900, even $1500 or more for the same (or similar) tools and lessons.

You could spend hundreds more but why would you? When you buy my piano tuning course you're buying the experience and service of a real piano tuner who is accessible to answer your questions.

Easy to follow lessons with dozens of illustrations show you STEP-BY-STEP how to tune the entire keyboard of any piano. Multiple tuning exercises and review questions help you to quickly develop your tuning skills. Included is a USB flash drive containing sound files and animated charts, plus 4 videos showing tuning examples with instructions for the exercises. PLUS, a copy of the "Tuner's Pocket Companion."

You'll learn:
  • The history of pianos.
  • How pianos are constructed.
  • The various styles of pianos.
  • How to maintain a piano.
  • Learning to hear the "Beat."
  • Tuning unison strings.
  • Tuning octaves.
  • Tuning intervals.
  • Building a tempered scale.
  • Tuning the treble and bass notes.
  • Raising and lowering pitch.
  • Using electronic tuners.
  • Regulating the action and pedals.
  • Common repairs of all models.
  • Where to order supplies wholesale.
  • How to get started in business.
  • Building a customer file.
  • Types of advertising that work.
  • Dealing with music stores.

And most valuable of all, you'll get my personal help in any area of your studies by email or phone, anytime you need, for as long as you need. All this for the one time price of $428.00 in the U.S. (International orders require additional shipping charge. Select shipping destination on PayPal button drop-down menu).

ORDER NOW and you'll receive:
  • Eight lessons in two volumes.
  • Schaff 26 piece tool kit.
  • Web page style supplements and video examples on USB flash Drive
  • The Tuner's Pocket Companion booklet.
  • Email and phone support as long as needed.
  • Select shipping destination
    To pay by check, send payment to my address on the Contact page. If you have any questions about the course, call me at (816) 214-5356. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If not fully satisfied, simply return the books and tools in good condition within fourteen days and your money will be refunded, no questions asked.

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